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ANU First Sem BCA C LANGUAGE Important Questions

ANU First Sem BCA C LANGUAGE Important Questions

Unit 1

1. what is an algorithm, characteristics and features of algorithm
2. write an algorithm for finding the larger of 2 numbers
3. What is a flow chart?
4. Structure of C program(programs)
5. Write about function types function or category functions
6. Write a simple C program

Unit 2

7. what are keywords?
8. What is a constant? Explain types of constant in C language
9. Explain different operators available in C?
10. Input output statement available in C
11. Different control statements available in C (including programs)
12. If else statement program, looping statement program switch statement program, for loop statements (most important)

Unit 3

13. Explain about arrays? Types of of arrays
14. Program for adding 2 matrices
15. program for matrix multiplication
16. Explain about strings?
17. Write a C program to perform various string operations
18. Write a c program for string palindrome

Unit 4

19. What is function what are the advantages of function?
20. Explain structure of c function or elements of user defined function
21. Explain categories of function?
22. Write a c program to describe the call by value and call by by reference
23. What is recursion, explain its advantages and disadvantages
24. Explain storage classes in C?

Unit 5

25. Pointers definition only
26. Explain about nested structure and function with structure
27. What is the difference between structure and union?
28. what is the difference between array and structure?

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