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ANU First Sem BCA CFT Important Questions

ANU First Sem BCA CFT Important Questions

CFT(Computer Fundamentals and MS Office) IMPORTANT QUESTIONS

Unit – I

1. Definition of a computer
2. History of computer
3. Characteristics of a computer
4. Block diagram of computer
5. Classification of computer or types of computer
6. Explain the use of computer (or) applications of computer (or)impact of information technology of society
7. Input output devices

Unit – II

8. Define memory explain different types Of memory
9. Types of software
10. Types of operating system
11. Introduction to programming language and types of programming language
12. Difference between high level and low level language

Unit – III

13. What are the features of MS word or word processor ?
14. How to create and use word document in MS word ? steps to create a document in MS word and explain about editing options?
15. Explain about header and footer?
16. Explain about macro?
17. How to create table in MS word?
18. What is PowerPoint and explain features of PowerPoint?
19. Explain about various views in PowerPoint?
20. Transiting and build effect or explain about transiting effect or explain about custom animation or explain about animation in PowerPoint

Unit- IV

21. What are the various feature of excel or what are the various features of electronic spreadsheet?
22. What is excel and explain excel terminology
23. How to create new workbook in excel
24. What are the different categories of function or explain about function library?
25. What are text functions?
26. What is start /graph in Ms excel? Explain steps to create different types of charts/ graph in excel?

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