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GOs and Circulars

GOs and Circulars

All GOs and Circulars for VSWS Employees

Date GOs and Circulars
09-06-2023Panchayat Secretaries Grade-I to Grade-VI Leave sanctioning Authorities
26-05-2023YSR BIMA 2023-24
3-05-2023Not to fix daily targets to VSWS staff on delivery service to the Citizens
24-04-2023GVWV & VSWS Dept. – Payment of salaries linked with Bio Metric attendance to the Village -Ward Secretariat functionaries for the period 01.04.23 to 30.04.2023
17-04-2023GO – Declaration of Probation to 2nd notification GSWS employees
16-03-2023Tabs Maintainance_Proceedings GO
06-03-2023YSR Kalyana Mastu Application Time Reduced From 60 days to 30 Days 06-03-2023
Job Chart to WEAs 01-03-2023
ANM JOB Chart Dt. 09-01-2023
Aadhaar Authorization letter instructions to MPDOs and MCs 20-02-2023
Job Chart of panchayat Secretary Gr. Vi Dt. 25-01-2023
Job Chart of panchayat Secretary Dt. 25-01-2023
Aadhaar-NSEIT-Exam-Register-All DAs and WEDPSs 21-03-2023
Job Chart of Engineering Assistant Gr II Dt. 25-01-2023
Job Chart of Village Revenue Officers Dt. 30-01-2023
Job Chart of Village Surveyors (Grade-I, II & IlI) Dt. 30-01-2023
Bio Metric attendance February 24-02-2023
Aadhaar Authentication Lr approved 20-02-2023
YSR Pasu Bhima 12-01-2023
News Paper GO 21-02-2023
News Paper Circular 22-02-2023
Rice cards to pensioners 22-02-2023
Two-Factor authentication 11-01-2023
FRBAS – Implementation in Govt Offices Circular – ZPP, Chittor 10-01-2023
05-07-2021General Holidays 15-12-2022
16-06-2022Single Women Pension Reviseds GO.Ms No 22
Citizen Out Reach Participate all VSWS Staff 28-01-2022
Implementation of Leave Rules to Ward Secretariat 15-12-2022
Da Adhar gsws services only 31-05-2022
Incentives to all field functionaries 14-07-2022
DA Cash remittances 31-10-2022
E Service Account Net Banking Facility 31-10-2022
DA Deputation to PHCs 2-03-202
22-06-2022Bio Metric attendance June
GSWS-Incharge Arrangements-ZP,CEO-PKSM 07-06-2022
renewal and fresh for the year 2021-22
Aadhar Circular 31-05-2022
ALL Leaves applicable to vsws staff 11-10-2022
Spl. CS & CCLA Instuctions 04-08-2022
Circular on News Paper to Functionaries 09.12.2022
YSR Kalyana Masthu 30-09-2022
Biometric linked salary instructions 21-01-2022
Compassionate Appoints 18.01.2022
OTS Two installments 24-01-2022
Exempt Welfare & Education Assistants from the duties of BLO Instructions 31-12-2022
Fin. Assistance to DAs Maintenance of Secretariat IT Hardware Devices-29-12-2022
Salaries Follow existing system until further orders28-07-2021
DA and WEDS deputation of secretariat functionaries of deportment works 17-02-2021
COVID Possitive Leave 05-07-2021
GO MS 45 Covid Leave 05-07-2021
Dappu Artist Self Declaration 02-07-2021
OTS NEFT No Charges SLB Letter 22-11-2021
Digital Assistant Vaccant possion 26-11-2021
Gramakantam Authority MRO 09-12-2021
Not to depute any DA To other Works 03-03-2021
GSWS- VRO DDO 13-04-2021
25-03-2021VRO As DDO G.O.MS.No. 2
Seed Amount collect Agriculture Assistant 30-04-2021
HMF Extension of period for entering the name 22-01-2021
EBC Nestham revised time schedule 29-09-2021
Circular Memo on 9 Registers – GVWV&VSWS Dept.-16.07.2021
Scanner IT Hardware 23-07-2021
Periodical Inspections 16-08-2021
Incharge arrangements for the post of DA 24-11-2021
Instructions on slalary linked with Bio metric 20-11-2021
Jagananna Chedodu 24-09-2021
Circular on Agrigold Deposits – 06.08.2021
Personal data and Trainings data updtaion in HRMS 11-08-2021
Jagananna Palle Velugu 03-03-2021
Circular on Unfreezing Pension data 16-11-2021
JOB CARD Deligation of Services to Sachivalayams 14-07-2021
JVD Reverification Instructions 12-07-2021
Leave Sanctioning Authorities to VAAs 23-02-2021
PS Grade1 to Grade6 Leave Sanction Authority 01-04-2021
Service matters – VROs 02-03-2021
Maintenance of Cash book 27-07-2021
Circular Bio-Metric 22-07-2021
Meeting Minutes on 13.03.2020-1
User Charges About Non MeeSeva 26-02-2021
minutes of webconference 03-03-2021
Procgs-of-WEAs-on-leaves 02-03-2021
VS Staff Leave circular 01-04-2021
Welfare Probation Declaration Syllabus 26-08-2021
Welfare Probation Declaration Circular 01-09-2021
Welfare Leave Sanction Authority 02-03-2021
SR letter to depts 23-02-2021
Web Conference Held on 17.03.2021
Citizen Outreach Order 19-08-2021
EBC Nestam 25-09-2021
EBC Nestam 20-04-2021
Cancellation of all type of Deputations 22-04-2021
Covid Management Vertical Working Arrangment 12-04-2021
DRDA Karnool YSR Pension Kanuka 04-03-2021
GOMS 693 Dogs and Pigs 29-12-2020
Covid Preventive measures 27-03-2020
GSWS- Circular on cash deposit into banks 17-07-2020
Obtaining PAN cards for VSWS 31-10-2022
OneComputer is exclusively for DA 27-08-2020
Display Posters 11-07-2020
Dist WISE AH Cards 01-03-2020
Pension Kanuka_Circular 15-03-2020
ltr.incharge arrangements to DA 14-05-2020
Memo to District Collectors dt 16 03 2020
Cash Deposit 17-07-2020
Dogs and Pigs Gazette 31-12-2020
Incharge Arrangements 14-05-2020
Revised Time Schedul 17-05-2020
URGENT CIRCULAR ID Cards 27-03-2020
Jagananna Gorumudda scheme 28-09-2020
Use your login 27-08-2020
Energy Assistant Stay in Sachivalayam 23-09-2020
E Service awarness 14-09-2020
Engineering Asst Leave Procedure 07-07-2020
Jalakala New Go 14-12-2020
Maternity Leave 25-09-2020
GOMS150 PS GR Vi 30-09-2019
Electronic Delivery of Services 16-12-2019
Engineering Asst Gazzte 25-09-2019
APHRD COMMIT 20-03-2019
Bank account create for e services 26-12-2019
Electronic Delivery of Services 18-10-2011

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